Rooney Bloom Presents: Pilea Party

LETS HAVE A PILEA PARTY! Having plants in your living and working space have proven to: increase productivity, improve sleeping habits, detoxify air, raise motivation, decrease depression, and basically change your quality of life. Come ready to learn the basics of keeping house plants alive, and leave with one (one pilea included) to work your new magic on!

Rooney Bloom: Lets Talk About "Plant" Sex and Pollinators too!

How do plants "do it"? Sex, plant sex, what is it, and HOW? In this gathering we'll chat about everything plant sex and reproduction. Bees are a huge help, and so are other polinators too! Did you know 90% of what we consume is only available BEEcause of pollinators such as the honey bee?

Rooney Bloom: Flower Power

Fucking flower power yaaallll. Learn how to turn store-bought, or hand picked flowers into gorgeous designs that you can enjoy at home, gift, or use to decorate an event space for small gatherings. You'll learn and prepare a lovely flower arrangement to take home and enjoy.

Rooney Bloom & Color Up Theraputics Presents: Magical Medicinal Plants

Check out this freakin magical class on healing plants and the "magicalness" of everything green. Learn more about CBD with the experts at Color Up Theraputics and how incoperating home grown remedies, allows your body to maintain appropriate health and heal faster.